Blogging 101: Write to Your Dream Reader


Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.”

My dream reader would be a hero novelist of mine, Cleo Coyle. You are an inspiration with your riveting writing, your recipes included in the novels, and I just discovered you have created trailers for your books.

Ms. Coyle, I am writing to you about my new novel. I would love to have your honest feedback on my work. I see that you are self published and I would be grateful for any advice on this venture.

Another addition is my current favorite song. Embedding is fun!

About willothewizp

I'm on a creative journey to explore different artistic mediums. I'm a novice trying to find my expression in the world. I love finding inspiring things to photograph, writing on my novels, journaling, and trying different types of art. I love playing in the woods and finding new places to explore. I'm also mom to a wild and wonderful 1 yr old which is a journey in itself. Stop in, have some coffee, and make a comment if you wish. Namaste!

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